About Us

“HEAL,” which stands for Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles, began providing free opportunities in 2013 to Washington County individuals and families to lead them on a healthier path.  The creation of this organization directly resulted from a goal identified in the Strategic Community Impact Plan (SCIP): “Decrease the obesity rate in children and adults by increasing physical activity and healthy eating.”


In December 2016, HEAL realized that the need in the community was great than the organization could tackle alone. So when approached by the Hagerstown YMCA about partnering, it was a no brainer. Together, we will better be able to tackle the obesity rate in our community.

HEAL understands the barriers people face when seeking resources and programs to maintain or improve one’s health.  A holistic approach is taken for all of HEAL’s work, and care is given to create a non-judgmental environment that fosters camaraderie.


HEAL is dedicated to inspiring healthy eating and active lifestyles resulting in a healthier community.

Healthy Living Committee

HEAL’s strives to recruit a wide variety of experienced professionals and individuals who are also dedicated to our mission and our community.

HEAL Program Director 

Shelby DeHaven – shelbyd@ymcahagerstown.org