Fad Diets Out, Healthy Lifestyles In For 2017!


Fad Diets Out, Healthy Lifestyle In for 2017!

We’ve heard often that fad diets don’t work and it’s really about the lifestyle change. But what does that actually mean? What truly is considered a lifestyle change? Before we get into that, first lets discuss exactly why fad diets don’t work:

  • They often leave you malnourished. Yes, it is possible to be overweight and malnourished at the same time! These diet plans are less about the QUALITY of your food and more about drastically reducing the QUANTITY. While you’re crunching down on rice cakes or low carb meats, your body is missing out on necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber that each have a crucial role in keeping your body running at its best. Swapping a piece of fruit that’s full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber for a sodium packed meat stick will not do your body any favors. Start approaching your foods from a quality standpoint- will this food nourish me? Provide me with nutrients such as vitamins and fiber or lean (low fat) protein? If not, have less of it!
  • They damage your metabolism. You may have some short term, temporary weight loss but drastically cutting calories or carbs will lead to changes in the way your body uses food for energy. You may go into “starvation mode” where your body lowers your metabolism to run more efficiently on the few calories its being provided. Then when you get frustrated and quit the diet to return to old eating habits, your body rapidly stores your food as fat for future emergencies and you often gain more than you lost to begin with. Less is not always best!
  • They’re not practical for family life. You shouldn’t have to prepare your own separate meal from the family to lose weight. What’s healthy for you is healthy for your family. The most important part is setting a good example for your kids on what healthy eating looks like, not what crash dieting looks like.

So, back to that lifestyle change thing- what does this mean exactly?

  • It means making smaller, but sustainable changes to your diet and/or activity level. Things you can repeat over and over throughout your life.
  • It means eating healthfully to nourish your body and prevent chronic diseases, not to achieve a number on the scale.
  • It means enjoying your favorite food once in a while so you can maintain a good quality of life, but not making the less healthy choices a staple in your daily diet.
  • It means making exercise a part of your regular routine- not something that gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list or done temporarily to lose weight.
  • It means stepping outside your comfort zone once in a while to try a new dish or new activity.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off long-term is to first change your mindset….then the rest will follow!  Have a healthy, happy 2017!

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