Get Moving


Let’s Move! Childhood activity resources:


Fun Outdoor Activities and Games for kids:


Warmup & Stretching

Prepare yourself for a variety of activities. Join fitness trainer Dave Ruff from Ruff Fitness as he leads you through several stretching exercises to get you ready for action within a matter of minutes.

Benefits of Walking

Walking is a simple exercise but one that has multiple benefits. Learn how to get the most out of your walking routine in this video, and check out some other resources below.


News and resources on the benefits of walking:


A resource for walkers of all fitness levels:

Workplace Fitness

It’s often difficult to find ways to incorporate fitness into your day. What if you could get moving at your workplace? Watch our friends at Hub Labels as they demonstrate ways to get you up from your desk, improve your posture have you feeling your best!

At-Home Fitness

You don’t always have to go to the gym to stay in shape. You can find opportunities at home. Watch fitness professional and yoga instructor, Renee Shuckman, as she leads you through a series of exercises that you can do using the floor, wall, chair and even soup cans! No equipment? No problem!

Strength Training

Is there really a Fountain of Youth? Perhaps you can find it through strength training! Fitness trainer Dave Ruff from Ruff Fitness makes strength training less complicated and impactful by focusing on movement in this series of exercises. Learn and practice simple ways you can get strong bones, lose weight and build lean muscle.

Download Dave’s Strength Training Guidelines here.