HEAL joins forces with the Y

In the five years since the inception of HEAL, the organization experienced tremendous success and growth. HEAL has raised community awareness of the importance of health and wellness and increased outreach. As a result of the growth in our donations and grant funding, we have launched new programs that inspire healthier eating and more active lifestyles in our community.

That being said, our Board of Directors recognized the significant wellness challenges facing our community.  Obesity, physical inactivity, and diabetes topped the health priorities list for Washington County.  As a stand-alone nonprofit operating on a $150,000 budget, we realized the needs in our community were greater than we could tackle alone.

In December of 2016, the YMCA approached the HEAL Board and asked us to consider a partnership to become a program of the Y.  We were thrilled.  Through this consolidation, HEAL will have access to all the resources a $3 million national organization can provide.  HEAL will now have the physical space and staff to conduct robust wellness programs.  Our expertise and extensive community outreach will help strengthen the YMCA’s existing programs.

HEAL is confident that the impact on our community will be much greater through a partnership with the YMCA.  Joining the YMCA will guarantee longevity of our programs, allow us to be even greater stewards of our donor and grant dollars, and greatly expand our community outreach.  Be on the lookout for more resources, events, and news from HEAL powered by the YMCA!


Check out the wonderful coverage we received from the Herald Mail and WHAG.